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BitGalactica Broker Launches a New Trading Brand with Innovation at Its Heart


Committing to innovating online trading, BitGalactica Broker launches a new trading brand that’s supposedly going to make online trading more convenient and streamlined for traders. The new brand will compete with other industry-leading online trading services providers.

Innovation is at the heart of this new launch per the words coming from the officials. The broker has used the term innovation in its broadest scope, meaning not only advanced trading features but other conveniences that traders can benefit from while using the platform.

The start of a trader’s journey will be marked by them choosing from an array of account types, each type requiring a different deposit and offering a slew of features. The basic ones will require smaller deposits whereas advanced accounts will require bigger deposits but will also offer more features.

Signing up with a paid account would mean traders will have access to the trading academy from the broker. The trading academy is more of a school containing eBooks and videos on basic trading concepts, advanced trading strategies, and other related matters.

Further offered within the category of training is the webinars that traders will be able to attend on weekly or monthly. They will also take advantage of personal training sessions with experts, but these sessions might have a cap on them based on the account type chosen.

Keeping the essence of innovation alive, the broker will offer a trading platform that can be used on all major operating systems and mobile and desktop devices. In an attempt to meet new traders’ requirements, the company has made the software in such a way that it can be used from anywhere in the world.

Portfolio diversification will be conveniently achievable since traders will have access to more than 5 asset classes including energies, forex currency pairs, agricultural assets, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, indices, and stocks. Traders will be able to open multiple positions at a time in multiple markets.

Trader’s convenience has been approached from multiple angles, including the streamlining and shortening of the trading process. On the platform, a trader would only need to click a couple of times to enter a trade and then close that position when they wish.

The company’s CEO, Tim Pratt, said in an interview, “I would specifically like to say here that were not trying to impress traders. That’s not what we mean to do at all. Our focus is to make their lives easier by making the platform innovative and easy to use while also significantly shortening the trading process.”

Adding to the innovativeness of the platform will be the trading tools that traders will access from their dashboard. The informative dashboard will show them live market charts, leverages, spreads, and the latest news feeds on the same screen.

Security features are on-point with account activity monitoring taking place 24/7. Moreover, 2FA authentication will ensure safer sign-ins through an added layer of confirmation from traders. The broker also uses latest encryption standards to ensure all trader data is safely transmitted on internet lines.

“I have been a trader. Most of the people on my team have been traders themselves. We know what traders want because we have walked in those shoes. No amount of innovation or inventiveness is enough or even sensible if it does not even address the pressing concerns of its main target audience,” commented Tim Pratt.

With the launch of this platform, BitGalactica Broker will also enter the race between hundreds of online trading services providers, which include some well-known names and industry leaders. However, it seems from BitGalactica Broker’s approach that it wants to focus on innovation rather than going for ‘more’.

The team wishes to make banking easy and has admitted that they are looking into the prospects of introducing some bonuses for their first time signups. Only time will tell how creative they are in this area.