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Payback Ltd Review - Should You Trust This Company To Help You Recover Your Funds?

Payback Ltd

Payback Ltd is one of the foremost chargeback firms in the world, with a resounding success rate. It is one of the few scam debt recovery firms in the world that recovers cryptocurrency scam debts. Learn all about this fund recovery firm in our Payback Ltd review today. Apart from cryptocurrency, Payback Ltd also helps recover stolen funds in;

Encountering scammers on the internet is almost unavoidable nowadays and being careful is not usually enough. Scammers are very innovative and they always come up with new ways to steal people's money. In the case where one gets scammed on the internet, panic and resignation shouldn't be the next step, attempts should be made to recover the funds. 

Just like there are scammers, there are also firms who claim to be able to recover monies stolen by these scammers on the internet. However, to avoid being defrauded a second time in an ironic turn of events, one must take care to employ the services of efficient and reputable debt recovery firms.

  • Forex

  • Romance scams

  • Binary options

  • Property scams

  • Credit card phishing

  • Stock trading

  • Others

How Funds Are Recovered

Due to the sensitivity of most online scam cases, one must take extra care not to take a wrong step and risk losing the funds totally. As one of the oldest and most experienced chargeback firms, Payback Ltd deals with each scam case carefully. First, the company ensures that a recovery is actually possible so as not to waste clients' time.

Once this is confirmed, the company goes on to fact check, retrieve evidence and every necessary piece of information. With diplomacy, all parties and entities are then confronted and then retrieval of funds ensues.

Payback Ltd Services

As noted earlier, the company helps recover funds in a number of sectors. It became a scam debt recovery firm in 2017 and boasts of recovering $210,000,000 In the last four years for more than 6500 customers.

Free consultation

You've just been scammed and you're restless, this is where Payback Ltd comes in. With its free consultation service, you can begin the process of recovering your funds right away once you get a hang of the actual situation. Note that returning customers have to pay for consultation.

Team And Work Ethic

Payback Ltd's team comprises of skilled and experienced experts in the chargeback field. These specialists are tasked with the sole aim of recovering stolen funds online. The team boasts of being knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with multiple financial industries and even the law regulating these industries.


The company's pricing policy is clear and pretty decent. It's also in two parts, a fixed 10% fee of the total amount lost as the initial payment for investigation to commence. Then another 10% once recovery is successful. At no point in time will the company demand any more payment.


Payback Ltd is located in Ramat Gan, Israel and registered with the Isreali justice department. It also provides relevant credentials to clear doubts on legitimacy on demand. The company has a track record of satisfied clients all over the internet.

Time factor

One of the frequently asked questions about the Payback Ltd is how long it takes before it solves a scam case. Online scams vary and each would usually come with its own uniqueness, the company attempts to recover some of the funds as soon as possible, but on average, the recovery process could take between 3 months to a year.

Refund policy

The company also has a transparent refund policy. In the case where you start second-guessing your choice of trying to get back your money, Payback Ltd allows for a full refund within the first 14 business days of the process.


Payback Ltd helps users recover stolen funds in a number of sectors online. Monthly, the company records huge numbers of recovery. The experience the company has is also a plus, no matter how innovative these scammers get, chances that they'll get nabbed by Payback Ltd is high.